Energy efficiency in local communities provided by housing cooperative «Лучанин» in Lutsk.

Before implementing energy efficiency, heating and electricity fees for households in housing cooperative were very expensive (an average 9 UAH for 1 m2 per month). However the quality of heating services did not satisfy resident’s needs – heat transfer fluids were not regulated and some households used more resources than they needed for heating, while other households had a lack of resources. Citizens believed that only central or local authorities were responsible for implementing energy saving technologies.

Initiative group (organization): After joining USAID program «Municipal heating reform for Ukraine» the Head of housing cooperative “Luchanyn” (Ukrainian for: «Лучанин») Julia Sabatiuk started implementing energy efficiency reform in her community. She was inspired by Slovakia experience in municipal energy efficiency. Julia mobilized local residents from housing community to join this initiative.

Activities: first of all housing cooperative identify the main sources of the heat loss in the buildings. Then they developed energy efficiency project and choose the main activities to implement.

  • Changing incandescent light bulbs on LED lamps.
  • Installation of district heating substation – the main energy saving component. DHS regulates heat transfer fluids in the heating system, hot water supplying and air conditioning.
  • Changing of windows in the porch
  • Insulation of facade, basements and roofs

Financial sources: сhanging of light bulbs was not expensive. Housing cooperative used money from the repairing fund. The most expensive activity the was installation of district heating substation. To cover these expenses citizens from housing cooperative took a credit in a bank. Due to the rational using of power resources housing cooperative saved a lot of money, which they spent on covering a credit.


Outcome: Due to energy efficiency activities housing cooperative «Лучанин» reduced the consumption of energy resources in several times which led to 50 % cheaper electricity and heating fees for households.

Energy efficiency in local communities provided by housing cooperative «Лучанин» in Lutsk.

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